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Computer Microscope is a type of microscope that can be either interacted with computer or has a built in computer and has also the method of transmitting the images in the computer. This microscope is just invented recently; it grows from the scientific grade microscope that utilize computer technology. This microscope is being used by both kids and adults. It can also be employed in variety of applications though the present resolution is not enough for more complicated purposes.

Computer Microscope is being used in the study of Neuroanatomical analysis. This studies are done using the lucida camera method, it is an optical method enabling the researcher to view the neurons reflected on a piece of paper to which it is going to traced. These analyses are done with great care and are highly time consuming. The use of computer microscope is really significant for it can diminish the amount of time spent in doing the analysis. When used lucida camera you spend 24 hours including hand calculations while if used computer microscope you will only going to spend 30 minutes. The accuracy of computer microscope is improved with the help of the exact distance measurement on all three equal axes.

This type of microscope will surely help the scientist in the analysis of neuroanatomy which deals with the study of different branch of the nervous system. It is greatly used because of its technological and convenient features. Its accuracy makes it the most chosen apparatus when studying the various neural structure of the body part or organ.

After knowing its features and uses, you now understand how significant for the researchers to have this kind of instrument in their laboratory. They will surely accomplish various studies and analysis about neuroanatomy with the aid of computer microscope.

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